"Strong and smart grid" will bring what China?

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"Strong and smart grid" will bring what China?

Date of release:2015-11-23 Author: Click:

Correspondent 18 from the State Grid Corporation was informed that in 2020 the national grid will be fully completed a strong smart grid. What will it bring?

It is understood that the current domestic and international smart grid and there is no uniform definition. But not difficult to find a common feature of all countries Smart Grid: Grid interactive stronger, safer, better power quality, adaptable, higher operational efficiency ......

At present, China's coal transportation tension contradictions still exist, hydropower southwest, northwest and Inner Mongolia Power Transmission "bottleneck" problems have become increasingly prominent. Liu Zhenya, general manager of the State Grid Corporation of opinion, of the urgent need to build a "strong and smart grid" in order to transform the power grid development and achieve coordinated development of power at all levels.

Liu Zhenya said the construction of a strong smart grid, development of UHV is a top priority. UHV capable of large-scale energy resources, long-distance transportation to the destination, is to solve the energy and power development of deep-seated contradictions in the fundamental strategy.

According to reports, "UHV AC transmission key technologies, equipment and engineering application" 18 to obtain the 2012 National Science and Technology Progress Award Grand Prize. China is the world's first and only successful mastery and the practical application of the technology of the country.

Work on the national grid in 2013 will be held before the development of UHV made specific plans: Plan 2015, 2017 and 2020, respectively, of the completion of the "two vertical and two horizontal", "three vertical and three horizontal" and "five vertical five horizontal "UHV" three Chinese "synchronous network, built in 2020, 27 back HVDC project.

According to reports, on strong smart grid, the distribution network is the foundation built. China's power grid construction with a lag, a problem over time, urgent need to accelerate the upgrading to meet the rapid development of urbanization. According to reports, in 2015 the national grid and the main grid to basically solve the county as well as the weak link network power supply "strangle hold" and "low voltage" problem; fully completed by 2020 to improve the structure, leading technology, and efficient interactive, flexible, modern and reliable distribution network , key city power supply reliability and voltage qualification rate reached the international advanced level.

"Intelligence is the future direction of the grid." Said Liu Zhenya, a comprehensive upgrade to the traditional power grid smart grid has become inevitable. National Grid will accelerate the development of a new generation of intelligent substation construction, promotion of intelligent line monitoring system, intelligent scheduling control systems, intelligent interaction of electrical equipment, construction of large-capacity backbone optical transmission network and efficient information service network throughout all areas, speed up grid all sectors smart upgrade, improve grid intelligence level.

State Grid while identifying 2015, 2020 targets strong smart grid construction. According to the target, by 2015, China will build a "two vertical and two horizontal" special high-voltage AC and 7 back HVDC. And spanned UHV transmission capacity reached 210 million kilowatts, 350 million kilowatts of clean energy to ensure sending and consumptive. The basic operation of the regional population without electricity to solve electricity problems.

By 2020, China will fully built strong and smart grid. "Three Chinese" special high-voltage synchronous grid to form a "five vertical and five horizontal" main grid. More than double the size of the grid in 2010. UHV and cross-transmission capacity of 4.5 million kilowatts, 550 million kilowatts of clean energy to ensure sending and consumptive. Intelligent network leading international level, large dispatching operation reached the international advanced level.

Imagination wish: Then, generating end can improve power generation efficiency, enhance the ability to receive clean energy; reduce transmission line losses, improve efficiency; the distribution end of the millions of households, electricity smart meter can be feedback to the user, people power will interactive and intelligent green energy ......


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