Cutter mill maintenance and safe use

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Cutter mill maintenance and safe use

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In order to maintain the normal operation of the mill cutter, cutter cutter mill to extend the service life, we must strengthen the cutter mill maintenance and maintenance. The operator must understand the entire mechanical structure, performance, proficient in use.

1, the allowable load on the reel is 3T: When the slow turn 3000 kg, 1800 kg when fast forwarding; when 5T slow turn 5000 kg, 2500 kg when fast forwarding not be overloaded.

2 speed gear box must be kept 1/4 of lubricating oil.

3, to prevent gear jump phenomenon, there is a built in dial gear fork positioning of the shifting role as a spring ball. Therefore, when using, pay attention to check whether the top spring ball firmly. Before use as strong, spring must be replaced.

4, automatic brakes and brake interlock should always check the wear condition of bakelite, automatic braking and gear rotate back loose clearance of 0.5 mm and greater than 1 mm must be replaced bakelite, otherwise easily lead to brake failure and accidents.

5, automatic braking device speed gear box, when lifting, automatic braking gear issue "Tuk Tuk tuk" sound, proven speed gear is working properly, there is no sound when you return to this song.

6, base anchoring methods: by bearing support on both sides of the roll (two holes) to the anchor point, not as an anchor point to other locations.

7, the roll bearing locking screw, must cooperate with the corresponding holes, instead of prohibiting the use of other screw locking screw.

8, gear box housing is cast aluminum, screw it on too tight and unnecessary disassembly, not hitting with a hammer.

9, after the unit after long-distance transport, must conduct a detailed examination of each fastening screw loose parts, lubricating oil is normal.

10, the prime mover is gasoline, diesel, and can be used by the aircraft specification requirements.

11, before each use of the machine, you should check whether the fuselage debris around whether the impact of obstacles to the normal operation of the machine,

Also check each transmission, everything is normal, it can be used.

12, the machine after each use, the machine should promptly remove dust, oil and other dirt, all cleaning work should be stopped after the operation carried out in the machine.



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