What is a cable conveyor

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What is a cable conveyor

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What is a cable conveyor: A cable transportation machinery, including a main frame, the delivery device by the motor, the transmission, transmission and delivery rounds consisting of the main frame of the left, and right ends of each pivot is located along the V-shaped groove transport wheels, respectively, driven by the main motor on the transmission sprocket set left and right transporting large sprocket on the axle; the main frame to set up a solid pinch roller frame, corresponding to the pressure in the two wheel frame just above the V-shaped conveyor wheel, height adjustable pivot with a right and left two pinch rollers. The pressure wheel carrier comprises a metal frame, a left crank and right crank vice vice, left, right and middle ratchet adjustment screw. By rotating ratchet adjustment screw to adjust the length of the crank and by Vice whole left and right wheel pressure level, thereby adjusting the pressure roller pressing force of the cable. Cable conveyor model and the role of the utility model devices are small, light weight, simple structure, roller frame partially detachable, work low noise, smooth conveying cable. Easy to move within the cable tunnel, low power consumption, good cable straightening effect. Category Cable conveyor is divided into: diesel cable conveyors, cable conveyors gasoline, electricity and conveyors, lifting XRS electric conveyor more widely used, because this cable conveyor can be used in tandem to achieve large-scale , large-scale long-distance cable transmission projects. For large-scale urban power grids, suitable for large cross-section, long-distance cable laying, reduce labor intensity and improve construction quality. Features: This machine thrust, small size, light weight, easy to operate, the cable pipes, tunnels, direct management, long-distance transmission and other occasions are particularly suitable.


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