Line tackle to distinguish between species

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Line tackle to distinguish between species

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Cable pulley block is divided into two cable pulley nylon wheel and aluminum wheels cable; aluminum alloy for its texture and other issues has been gradually eliminated by the market, but now more a more solid and durable nylon wheels instead divided on the use of straight cable tackle, corner cable pulley, cable pulley wellhead, pit cable pulley, cable protection orifice pulley and the like; depending on the shape and materials of different pulleys are divided into: steel frame block, steel frame block, three corners, two rotation angle (V-shaped pulley) triple pulley and the like. Also known as cable guide wheel, cable wheel, the cable pulley and the like. Cable pulley, cable pulley, actinomycetes pulley, actinomycetes pulley, cable pay-off pulley, nylon line tackle, ground tackle, triple pulley, ground tackle, insulated pulley, cable pay-off pulley, ground pulley, nylon pulley, pulley, aluminum pulley, aluminum pulley, lifting pulley, lifting pulley, the pulley pit, three pulley, cable pulley, large-diameter pulley, aluminum lifting tackle, pulley cable tray, nylon roller cars, straight cable pulley, corner cable pulley, cable pulley factory, overturned pulley


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