Anti-twisting wire cable Features

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Anti-twisting wire cable Features

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Anti-twisting galvanized wire rope is made of high quality steel wire rope (1 * 19W, 1 * 25FI] woven its features:

1, when subjected to tension in a free state, the rotation angle of the wire is equal to 0, and the net torque is equal to 0.

2, rope softness, tension is released after no tie, no wound, no broken stocks, not golden hook.

Anti-twist rope main purposes:

1 for traction power lines, gravitational Unfolding wire, may be used as traction rope put lines. But traction grind core diameter should be not less than 15 times the rope diameter.

2, under tension permits may also take up a place of ordinary wire rope slings.

Quality requirements: 

1, in the manufacture of rope length according to user requirements length ± 2% delivery and acceptance.

2, within the rope per share does not allow any form of joint.

3, both ends of the rope holster is not less than five pitch lengths are also available upon request.

4, the appearance should be no jump rope shares, error-free stocks, shares of chaos, pine stocks, hurt stocks and other phenomena.

5, the rope bit square or hexagonal cross-section, which is adjacent angles of rotation opposite strands of the angle of rotation of the same strand.

6, the rope breaking force is calculated based on the tensile strength of the yarn, the choice of the user should consider the safety factor (safety factor of 3), not the rope breaking force as a practical tension.

Rope structure (cross-section)

1, the Quartet Bagu

2, the Quartet twelve shares

3. The hexagonal twelve shares


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